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Bespoke Mural Ideas

Ideas to Perfect Bespoke Murals

There is no better way of transforming your child’s room than commissioning bespoke mural that stunningly agrees with the child. This gives you a chance to use any kind of artwork, photograph or image and have it printed digitally to the exact requirements you are looking at. A repositionable and removable material that’s easy to use is exactly what you get with the mural; have it on the wall with a little application of water. There is no mess involved.

Bespoke murals ideas are many and it simply means you are after a very unique and particular theme or design. You are looking for a chance to create a bespoke wall mural for the room of your child with something you already have in mind. Perhaps your girl is crazy about princesses or your boy loves motor vehicles, space and soccer. Sometimes it’s being the superhero that saved the world from some kind of destruction. No matter what you are thinking about, talented artists are ready for the job and thrive on challenge like yours.

They are ready to bring your ideas into the most unforgettable reality. Even if you don’t have the kind of collection or style in mind there are so many collections to run through and get something you can use for your child’s room. After that the artists will set out to create the great design you have been looking for perfect not only for your child but also in your eyes as well. You can always discuss any kind of preferences and ideas you might have at any time, especially at Picture My World.

Perhaps you have a magical family photo or an image of your child and you would like it used in coming up with a mural. This can be making the child the central character of the art mural. The child becomes the main character of the mural, perhaps the face of a footballer or princess.

Other bespoke mural ideas include boys’ favourites of pirates, sports and robots as well as superheroes. Some parents even commission murals uniquely from such superhero films as Avengers among others and have it as the perfect background of the boy’s room where his imagination is let out to wander and grow.

Girl’s favourite bespoke wall mural ideas are plenty as well. This includes fairies, princesses, and butterflies and perhaps flowers in the open. Your girl is a special little princess and you could transform her bedroom wall into something she has always been imagining. This can be any of the Disney classic princesses or new entries such as the sisters in Frozen.

Sometimes both girls and boys deserve magical bespoke murals. Ideas to this effect include wizards and dragons. You can have the face of your child on any of these, perhaps riding a fire throwing dragon.

Kids also love underwater, tropical wildlife, safari and jungle themes that underpin the magic of our natural surroundings. You could also request a bespoke wall mural perhaps of your child on the back of an elephant or simply commissioning a wall mural from a photograph you had taken during a family safari.

A mural is exactly what you need to set the theme and tone of your child’s room. A bespoke mural is always best.

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