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Bespoke Murals that Save Interior Designers A Lot of Design Headache

With a wall mural you have a unique design capable of reproducing any kind of image you might have or even creating a wholly new natural landscape if you so want. For children, the wallpaper mural is a whole new horizon where imaginations are nurtured and desires of their heart accomplished. Think about cartoon characters made into a mural and applied in their bedroom wall or nursery; they would be growing up in a happy and playful world as they see the characters every time.

As an interior designer, creating the right theme for every room is very important. You must think about the decor, theme, focal point, colours, images and many other details that customers expect you to be creative enough to create or come up with. When it comes to creating themes for a kid’s room, there are a number of ideas that you can go with, bearing in mind that Picture My World offers a great chance to every interior designer to create bespoke murals for their customers with a lot of ease without wasting time or resources.

Your life is made very easy and simple since the creative illustrators only need to know what you want and they will develop the murals around a specific room or house or even a certain solid theme you have been thinking about. Once the mural idea has been adopted and measured up, you will be shown digitally what it will look like once printed so that you can compare, contrast and juxtapose with the decor or the colours of the room the mural will appear. You can also show your customers the wallpaper mural under production and how it will appear before progressing to the printing and delivery stage. Every interior designer has a say on every level of the design process until they are satisfied with the results.

Children are special and a personal bespoke mural is everything, particularly one that captures what they like most or generally what kids love. This can be a princess in full colours, superheroes, footballers, dinosaurs, space, animals and underwater life. No matter what an interior designer wants Picture My World will design and provide it as required. To make the mural unique and special to every child, we can add a child’s face to appear as the actual princess or footballer or add their name to the mural.

The face and name will be installed and perfected as a part of the entire large mural. You are guaranteed the details for the paint to colour will match the mural perfectly. Most importantly, Picture My World is able to create a design that will work around all four walls or even ceiling to the floor.

Apart from the product being child safe and safe to the environment, it will be fade resistant and an eye-catching photographic made to measure quality digital print with the most hi-tech colourfast inks.

Picture My World does not just provide an image on a wall but one that will stimulate the imagination and creativity of the children in that room, a magical mural that will leave a lasting impression for evermore.

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