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Educating children through murals

Educating Your Child through Murals

Your child does not stop learning. Way before the little one can join a real classroom you might want to introduce him or her to a fun way of learning through murals. With all kinds of numbers and alphabet murals that are not just exciting but a lot of fun, you have something you can transform the child room’s wall with. Picture My World through their educational murals give every parent the chance to teach their child right from their closest wall and start learning in the most exciting way.

Without a doubt, educational and interactive wall murals are not just pieces of art on the wall. They represent the most engaging way to foster creativity and educate your child and help them grow. Selections of these great wall transforming murals are immense and range from maps that introduce geography to your child, animals in woodland scenes and alphabets that can be repositioned if the need be.

It’s also possible you are thinking about a wholly new and unique theme or design in mind with an educational angle towards it. Perhaps you are a teacher or an inventor and you have these great ideas that can be made into a mural for the wall of your child’s room. Talented artists are already on standby waiting to bring these iconic ideas into reality. No matter what you think is educational and fit for your child there is no reason why you cannot have it.

Once you have received you made to measure wall mural, installation is not as hard as it seems. No special talent or techniques are required. Things are even made easier for you considering the mural comes with strips that are easy to hang, more like the typical wallpaper you might have used before. In fact, things are made even much simpler for you through mural strips, which have been pre-pasted and what you need is adding some water and you are done.

Making mistakes is given and you do not have to worry that you have destroyed the commissioned bespoke educational mural for your child’s room wall. The paper is easy to reposition, meaning you can adjust and move it until you are satisfied. Every wall mural from Picture My World comes with complete fitting instructions. Nonetheless, you still might want a professional decorator to fix the mural on the wall for you and one can be recommended right away.

Remember there are many ways to arrive at an educational mural for your child. Perhaps you are thinking about animal alphabets, bugs on numbers and letters, alphabet zoo, education station with animals’ numbers and letters, figures, space travel educational murals, a growth chart for the fairy princess among many others.

Do not forget a mural, whether it’s an alphabetical one or just a normal bespoke football mural easily sets your child’s room tone. The huge number of options available means you have lots of options to select from that will let the imagination of the child to come alive. From vivid colours, cartoon themes to realistic images there’s always something perfect that fits the personality and imagination of your child.


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