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Fairy murals

Fairy Murals

A Fantasy Bedroom for Your Child

If you have a little girl chances are you already know her love for fairies and magical mystical themes is very strong. She is probably thinking she is Snow White, one of the Disney Princesses among other royal and magical characters. It’s also possible she is the only one who believes in fairies and Tinker Bell is her best magical mystical friend in her imaginary world. No matter what you little girl believes in, you are better off getting her a wallpaper mural with the most magical and mystical characters around.

Picture My World has made transforming a bare wall in your girl’s bedroom the easiest thing, perhaps with the most mystical kingdoms where princesses such as those in the Frozen 3D animation call home. If you have a mystical image or photography you would like transformed into the most colourful and believable wallpaper she has ever seen, simply upload it and it will be transformed in the most beautiful and creative mural you have ever seen.

Boys and magical mystical characters are also inseparable. You’ll see them thinking they are taking a walk on the back of a scary Pterodactyl or beholding the wonder of the Dinoscenes. A Jurassic landscape is exactly what you could get them with all those famous dinosaurs and mysterious creatures and astonishing backgrounds. Probably they believe they are dragon warriors or the lord of a mysterious arctic that comes alive when the full blue moon is up high and penetrating al corners of the beautiful landscape.

Getting the dragons, wizards, fairies or simply a unique and different mystical landscape is very easy today. Picture My World has all kinds of phantasmagorical fantasy wallpaper murals that fit with the fantastical decorations every kid’s room deserves to have. The reality of mystical themes is that while represented in wallpaper murals with the colours and illustrations in their most graphical realism, any wall and room’s decor can be transformed into one of the most striking rooms you have seen.

There are unicorns, angels and other murals you can definitely think about. Fantasy murals are the simplest way of accenting your kids’ room and ensuring their imagination is taken a notch higher and cultivated. Just the idea of a boy riding a dragon in a starry, colourful background can transform your little boy into the next heartthrob in the mystical world of film and books just like you have always wanted.

There’s a gallery collection where all the mythology and fantasy wall murals can be selected in Picture My World. In turn, you can easily reproduce the most original artwork around and have it sized to the measure you want. Remember the wallpaper murals are the easiest to hang and can be moved with ease even when applied on a wall.

The fantasy murals designs are great for playrooms, children’s bedrooms, nurseries and even other places such as youth centres and hospitals. If you believe your kid’s bedroom or playroom is dull and uninspiring, brighten it with the most beautiful artworks available at a mouse’s click.

In case you really want something that is one of a kind and special, simply upload the design or image and it will be printed for you.

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