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How to Create a Jungle Themed Bedroom with murals

Without a doubt you would like your daughter or son’s room being decorated to be most comfortable. You would like the child to be surrounded by love and fun every time he/she is in the room designated for them.

Perhaps that’s why a jungle themed bedroom makes a lot of sense and a very popular choice in virtually all kids’ bedroom wall decor ideas out there. Any child anywhere can be captivated by the unique beauty linked with all the beautiful and striking animals across the world.

There are safari jungle and zoo themes offering all sorts of animals in many sizes and shapes. You’ll find tigers and lions, playful monkeys and tall giraffes, elephants and zebras, snakes and turtles as well as all kinds of colourful birds capable of making the room of your child to have a theme that dazzles with life and colour.

With the jungle providing lots of canopies, vines and trees to hold all sorts of animals this theme is a wondrous one. As you decorate the child’s room using a jungle wallpaper mural it is important to have everything included for the most attractive dramatic transformation there is.

Think of bright colours blending with an artificial jungle courtesy of the wallpaper jungle mural with decorations of stuffed jungle creatures. This is able to provide a single and yet conspicuous jungle theme to the bedroom of your child with a simple and also cool ambiance, including the coolest appearance. The wallpaper mural with jungle life can be the super fantastic focal point in any room.

You can also have a super creative and cool bedroom that is beautiful and also subtle. A pastel yellow hue around the walls can blend seamlessly with a lively jungle wallpaper mural while a little furniture and animal accessories such as stuffed monkeys and teddies can bring that amazing jungle feel to the child’s room.

Jungle themed bedrooms

With jungle themes you have a unique theme for your child that comes with almost zero restrictions on what you would like to appear on the mural and to become visible around the rest of the room.  If you are thinking about a cool and inspiring nursery theme for your baby zoo and jungle animals offer the best option in the form of a wallpaper mural. The baby can be welcome to the world by colourful and yet playful animals.

Remember at Picture My World everything has been done to ensure every product used is very safe to the environment without compromising on the feel and quality of the wallpaper. Water-based, eco-friendly inks are used, which are also odourless. The paper that the jungle wallpaper mural will be printed on is also FSC certified and has been harvested from forests certified to be sustainable. The products are meant to transform the play, growth and comfort of your child and thus are Greenguard Children and Schools Certified.

Bespoke murals are available in case you are in search of something entirely unique or if you are thinking about a certain theme or design in mind. The bespoke wallpaper jungle mural will be created with ease for you as the most talented artists take on the challenge you have presented them to bring your ideas and creative thoughts into a reality.

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