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Nursery Decorating

Nursery Decoration - Decorating and Creating a Lovely Calming Theme for Your Baby

Chances are you need to have the baby’s nursery decorated but you do not know where to begin. This is even complicated when it comes to colours. With the right theme you can have a wonderful nursery that influences the behaviour and development of the baby. Even choosing a mural for the nursery wall it pays to think about the entire nursery and ensuring everything is right.

Choice of warm colours

This is a pretty theme and choice of colour that will energize the body of a child and stimulate mental processes. A large nursery space will appear welcoming and cosy at the same time. Nonetheless, if your child is very energetic, warm colours might distract him or her from relaxing.

Shades of yellow

With a yellow theme around the nursery you have an energetic and cheerful colour giving the room a very bright and sunny appearance. Yellow is associated with comfort and happiness. It’s even possible to have an intense shade of yellow, which stimulates the mind or a subtle one stimulating concentration.

Girly pink

If there is a universal colour for every princess and girl out there, it’s pink and there is no coincidence if your little girl likes it right from the beginning. Pink is one of those relaxing and calming colours that not only evoke empathy but also femininity. While the calming effect is welcome, sometimes it could lead to anxiety and agitation and decorating an entire room with pink might not be a great idea. You can however find so many wall murals at Picture My World with the princess theme and other themes fit for your little queen with shades of pink.

Adaptable decor

Remember a nursery requires adaptable decor considering the baby will be growing up really soon. Once you have considered the period the nursery decor will be lasting the baby, you can decide not to go with a painted wall mural on the wall; with time it’ll be out of date and everyone might find it babyish. Rather, choose Picture My World’s wall murals, perhaps a made-to-measure one. This is because it can be hanged on the wall easily; it is pre-pasted and only some water is required. They are also re-positionable and can be moved and adjusted until the result is exactly what you need.

Cold colours

In contrast with warm colours, choosing cold tones to transform the nursery will bring that much needed calming effect in the baby’s room both for the mind and body. Cold colours have a way of making the room relaxing and spacious as well. However, avoid dark shades and use them moderately so that you do not end up with a gloomy surrounding.

You can’t go wrong with green

Green is very unique and its abundance in nature makes it the nurturing hue you need for the baby’s nursery. It’s very soothing and boosts concentration and enhances reading ability. Perhaps you can go with green themed wall murals with zoo animals and natural surroundings like flowers and trees.

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