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Pink princess and castle mural

girl and castle
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Product Description

Girl and castle


We can deliver your wallpaper mural to any destination in the world. Most UK deliveries are calculated at a flat rate of £10 depending on your location and you should receive your wallpaper mural in around five to seven days. If you are based outside the UK, your delivery charge will be automatically calculated when you reach the checkout page.

Julie Clough

Julie Clough

When did you realise you wanted to be an artist? I was always drawing and creating from as early as I can remember

How did you get into it? During my degree I went on a work placement to a well known Publishing House. I returned during holiday periods to work as the office junior, then gradually managed to persuade them to use my work. After several years of doing freelance design and illustration work for them, I was offered a contract for a designer role. I stayed ‘employed’ for a couple of years then decided to go Freelance again.

When did you realise you wanted to be an artist? I was always drawing and creating from as early as I can remember

How do you create your art? I work digitally – I love quirky styles and fun patterns and effects.>

Where do you get your inspiration? Inspiration comes from a variety of sources – books, shops, other artists, current trends etc.

How would you describe your art? Do you different styles – what are they? What are your favourite things you like to work on? I would describe my artwork as work which hopefully makes you smile. I like it to be quirky, cute, fun, colourful. I do have a variety of styles. More recently I’ve started to experiment with photographic imagery – using this and combining it with the digital artwork I’ve created. So more of a collage feel. I love working on things for very young children.

Have you illustrated childrens books or games and if so name some? Where can your art be seen? I’ve created the new baby range for Galt Toys – the new playnest, accompanying soft books and play cubes. I’ve had work published by Parragon Books, Egmont UK Ltd, Tangerine Designs Ltd, Alligator Books Ltd. I’ve also worked on advertising campaigns, Cbeebies magazines, Girl Guiding magazines to name but a few.

What are your key achievements? Being able to sustain a living out of illustration and design work!!

. What’s your claim to fame – haven’t got one!

What other things to do you than art – or interests? I am a mum to 2 young boys as well as being a part time Spinning instructor (indoor cycling p.rogramme).

What other things to do you than art – or interests? I am a mum to 2 young boys as well as being a part time Spinning instructor (indoor cycling programme).

When are you most creative – late at night/early morning? Anytime I can fit it in!

Whats a typical day like for you? Usual mad morning rush of getting breakfast and the school run done. Spin class, followed by work time whilst youngest child is at playgroup. Then whilst it’s ‘ After lunch, during ‘nap-time’ I’m at my desk working. Then it’s back to the school run, feeding time for kids, Spin class, home, dinner and then back to my desk if I have anything which needs finishing off etc.

Tell me anything about you. Married with 2 boys. We have a pet chicken and a tortoise.

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